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Alter v Trump "1. I [respectfully] call "Bulloney"." - motion to reconsider


Just for the hell of it though, I filed a motion to reconsider. yes, I see the typos, only after I hit send though, still, I stand by what I said.


I filed Alter v Trump (cv-00487) BEFORE the Supreme Court weighed in on Trump v Anderson (which the state of Colorado's Supreme Court concluded he could not be on the ballot and had participated in an insurrection). I felt that the US Supreme Court would shoot it down because they didn't want State courts to decide the merits of these things, so it had to be tried in Federal Courts. Of course, that was what they all did 9-0, and if just that, I was right to file Alter v Trump to get a timely verdict. However, the majority opinion (5-4 in Trump v Anderson then goes further by adding in the caveat now that only Congress can do anything by a 2/3 majority, and even then, Scotus will want to weigh in; they've made sure NOTHING could be done in any timely way about an oath breaking insurrectionist running for president.

That was why I subsequently filed cv-01803 against the Supreme Court majority. Because as long as those 6 asshats are sitting on the court, they're going to trample the Constitution however brutally they deem necessary to put down all dissent about Trump.

cv-01803 Makes the argument that this conduct does not comprise "good behavior" which is a limiting constraint on their lifetime appointment. First of all, Thomas, who's wife was actually a participant of Jan 6, and has deep ties to "save america pac" and "stop the steal", didn't recuse himself (and without his vote may not have been able to achieve a majority). And many other things I outline in the case.

But in any case, the Alter v Trump case was finally Dismissed on Friday by Judge Moss, who said in his opinion that given their [corrupt] findings in Trump v Anderson, that case would never get past this Supreme Court, so he is bound to dismiss it. It took him quite a while to do that because I expected he was hoping he wouldn't have to, that somehow the DOJ or Fanni Willis would get their day in court, but he ultimately had to.

I had expected this was a possibility, and have appended his decision to my Scotus case with the following brief, which quotes Ted Kennedy's "Robert Bork's America" speech he gave before the Senate at the confirmation hearing of Robert Bork, in it his predictions of what a radical originalist would do to our justice system have all been born out, 30 yrs later.

How on earth can a Supreme Court dismiss all future remedies to insurrection without even examining the merits of whether one occurred? What a stain.

Anyway, I have 90 days to decide whether to appeal Alter v Trump to the Court of Appeals, but I think before that, I want to get the Scotus case on solid ground and the 'my hands are tied by SCOTUS' decision by Moss, can serve as an exhibit in the cv-01803 case (Alter v Gorsuch et al) for my 'standing' in the case.

Again, that case has attracted the ire of a Trump-appointed judge who doesn't like what I'm doing, but if he dismisses the case, I can appeal it to the 9th Circuit. Meanwhile, we all wait on eggs, while these same 6 judges decide on whether Trump has Kingly Immunity. It's all pretty disturbing and confirms many of my worst fears about this court and the Former President. Maybe I can do nothing, but I've already come much further than I had planned a year ago, and learned a lot along the way.


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