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Justice Samuel Alito Served with Appellate Case at Home

Image from The Nation's "Samuel Alito Can’t Tell the Difference Between Sex Discrimination and Peanut Butter"


Legal Counsel of the Supreme Court, Ethan Torrey, agrees to accept ongoing email service of documents on behalf of the Defendants. Initially, I believed he would be representing them, but that does not appear to be the case. I consider it a step in the right direction?

I'm kind of surprised the court's counsel will not represent them. That can mean a number of different things. On a side note, the Court of Appeals kicked the Appeal back to Judge Rocha in District Court and said they couldn't consider an appeal to the transfer order because it is considered a "non-final order," so I learned that.. So if Judge Rocha's going to dismiss it without considering the merits, I guess I hope he'll do it fast so I can appeal the final order? If not, well, I hope he's fair, right? His entry into this case, in the manner he did, does not give me a lot of optimism.

I don't think there is any clear president for this kind of case, which in many ways makes it interesting but likely vexing ("Wait, we don't have a precedent for that? Now what?")


Justice Alito was served at his home address on 4/20/2024. Getting these guys to acknowledge service has been like pulling teeth. I tried certified mail, service at the Supreme Court (by a server), and leaving messages about signing a waiver, but nothing. Justices Sotomayor, Jackson, and Keagan all returned their certified mail received. DOJ, Office of Attorney General. Received. But not these guys. A few weeks ago, I resorted to asking the US Marshal Service to serve them. I talked to an agent, filled out forms, and sent them in with a check. Then, magically, my case got transferred to a Trump appointee, who tried to shut the case down. Then I got a call the next day from the US Marshall apologizing that he can't deliver the summons after all "because of who they are" [vaguely].

Anyway, I filed an appeal and paid someone to serve them at home this time (ABCLEGAL). I got a signature from Samuel Alito on Saturday morning. I then quickly got a call from the "Supervisory Special Agent Investigations and Intelligence Supreme Court of the United States," who politely told me that they were in receipt of the documents and would take them from here. They asked me if I would cancel service on the rest, which I did.

The home addresses were published in a meme last year after Dobbs. It's been taken down in most places, but I found one on Google search and tried it. I won't publish that here (since it seems like they're trying not to let web services distribute it), but jeez, I do owe a debt of gratitude to whoever published that. Anyway, finally.

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Apr 20
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